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Troum Sen


The latest release from Staalplaat's prolific Mort aux Vaches series comes to us from the German drone outfit Troum. Much like their previous incarnation Maeror Tri, Troum are masters of the slow progression, be it in terms of intensity, volume, style, or all three, as in the case of this release. Sen, which consists of one hour-long track, begins quietly with delicate reverberations and soft metallic ringing: sonic architecture so subtle that one might not even notice the gradual accumulation of the duo's trademark sound. Troum's skill as artists in field of drones truly lies in their ability to craft them with such beauty.

All too frequently are we besieged with power electronics artists who employ this technique in ways that are either overwhelming or boring. By layering dones with wistful electronic spirals, Troum lends them an undeniable prettiness. It isn't until twenty-five minutes into Sen that these almost gossamer soundscapes give way to the throb of a translucent beat, which in turn melts into rhythmic patches of distortion as the album takes on creepier, harsher textures.

These twists and turns are, however, not ungraceful in the slightest, but dissolve into one another with fluid ease. Finally, stripping down to a solitary, nearly inaudible echo, Sen fades to an end just as gently as it began.
Jessica Tibbits -


Troum Daur

After disbanding in 1996, two-thirds of the masterful German drone trio Maeror Tri moved on to a new project, Troum. The overall sound of this Cohort Records release is replete with a dark exotic beauty. "Daur" is somber and minimal, blending low rumbles, mechanical reverberations, and the lush sounds of a yang t'chin. "Venustas" as well has a decidedly Far Eastern quality, and "Krypte" is strongly reminiscent of early 4AD instrumental pieces: a pretty guitar line with lots of ethereal effects and processing surrounded by heavenly washes.

This 10" released on Cohort Records marks a striking departure in sound, not only from the music of Maeror Tri, but from conventional ambient music in general. In fact the only thing about this 10" that resembles Troum's former project is the inventive packaging.

The dark blue vinyl 10" comes in a sleeve made of cork. The sole disappointment of this release is its brevity, but hopefully the future will bring more soon from Troum, and I look forward to it.
Jessica Tibbits -

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