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Troum News September 2008: TROUM in the US again!

* TROUM will perform on the first annual "IAMINDUST"- festival in San Francisco early October, and do one more show in Portland:

October 3, 2008: PORTLAND, OR:
Five Star Theatre (with NADJA & TECUMSEH)

October 5, 2008: SAN FRANCISCO:

NEW RELEASE: The long-planned collaboration-album with REUTOFF named "Creatura Per Creaturam Continetur" is out starting 7th of September 2008, when TROUM was in Moscow to perform with REUTOFF and celebrate this release.

TROUM wishes to thank all the nice Russian people & friends we met again!

The CD is released by Ewers Tonkunst in an edition of 500 copies, a vinyl-edition (do-LP) with bonus-material will follow soon.

Troum News June 2008:
Some news on recent activities, releases & future live-performances:
We have just finished the recordings for our new album EALD-GE-STREON which will be released hopefully soon on Portlands BETA-LACTAM RING RECORDS, as do-LP and CD! www

Currently we work on a cover-version of THE CURE's "Cold"- it should appear this year on an "experimental" version of the whole "Pornography"- album on french label Fario.
Other projects involved are NADJA, SAVAGE REPUBLIC and more, so watch out, this will be a killer-compilation!!

Next project after these will be a long collaboration-piece with CISFINITUM (to be issued later on a compilation/remix CD on Belgium's EE Tapes and the long planned collaboration-album with Moscow's REUTOFF, to be released on Indiestate.

Recent Releases:
No new material out since the AIWS CD & NARGIS 7" from last year, but two re-releases of deleted or rare material are out since some time.

"Objectlessness" CD (Faria   is a re-issue of the deleted CDR-only release (Mystery Sea) from 2005,with new cover-artwork by PETE BURN/RYN (full colour cardboard-sleeve with 4 postcards). Limited Edition of 750 copies.

"Darve sh / Ajin" CD (NEFRYT a re-issue of the deleted vinyl-releases (Darve sh 10" from 2003 & AJIN 12" from 2005), all tracks for the first time on CD! Numbered edition of 404 copies/oversized cardboard-cover with design by Jarecki Szeliga.

As always, you can order these releases directly from us through Drone Records

Outlook on planned future performances:
Moscow : Troum has plans to celebrate the 10th anniversery of russian post-industrial band REUTOFF and the release of the Troum/Reutoff-collaboration LP with shows in Moscow & St. Petersburg in September 2008.

Dates: St. Petersburg: 5. Sept. 2008,
Moscow: 7. Sept. 2008 (t.b.c.)

San Francisco: IAMINDUST-Festival curated by URE THRALL and legendary Radio DJ "Mr. Hate", October 3-5, 2008

Augsburg, Germany: LAB30-Festival, 13.-15. November 2008

Torun, Poland: CoCArt-Festival, March 26-28, 2009:

Please always check our myspace site - for an updated list of confirmed gigs and last minute additions. Also read out the Troum blog on myspace, we have added a deeply philosophic/existential text by our beloved SUFI Danny Hoefing, inspired by "Tjukurrpa".

TROUM NEWS January 2008

Troum's second album SEN (released in Staalplaats Mort aux Vaches-series in 2000) has been re-issued in three incredible vinyl-versions by EQUATION RECORDS (a picture disc version & two colour-vinyl versions). Sen was performed by Troum from August to December 1999 at various places in Poland, Germany and the Netherlands. The new limited pressings include 3 versions: 217 picture disc sets, 147 tan halo sets, and 97 clear sepia haze sets. This stellar release is now available at Equation & Drone Records!

This is a link to the youtube promotional video for the limited re-release of Sen by musicians Troum. The re-release of Troum's "Sen" is now available from Equation & Drone records! Originally recorded live at the VPRO-studios, Amsterdam, 12/12/1999.

Sen - Troum's contribution to Staalplaat's luminary Mort Aux Vaches series - is fixated on the North Sea where sheets of black ice creak under the tidal currents that roll onto a rocky beach. Troum sees no need to utter any direct references, implying their metaphors begind a bleak drone haze of guitars, bells, voice, and keyboards treated with a heavy dose of synthetic cathedral reverb. Sen reveals Troum's post-industrial background with a churning drum machine which rumbles underneath the complex tonal patterns like an antiquated seaside factory.

A real collector's item with stunning mandala-esk artwork from ALAN MC CLELLAND!

It surely is the most luxurious vinyl release we have so far created. See the picture below - it needs to be handled to fully appreciate the artifact. Baraka[H] (of Troum) has said that - apart from being the best looking Troum record so far - it is probably the most beautiful LP record in his whole collection!

The three circular inserts are shown along with the gatefold opened-out.


"TROUM will perform a new live-programme soon in Antwerp, Belgium, on the 26. of January 2008, on the Nuit & Brouillard-Festival with SAVAGE REPUBLIC, MILITIA and AURAL HOLOGRAMS"

"Troum (an archaic translation of "dream" from the duo's native German) mines the nether regions of the subconscious to create waking replications of the nightly visions.

Their recordings are far from mere transcriptions of dreams to tape; they are the gossamer residues of once vivid memories, passed through mesmeric filters to slowly dissolve present reality into soft focus fragments of thought.

Musically, these translations fall both on the sublime and, at times, on the malevolent side of the ambient fence." [Jim Haynes]

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