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TROUM NEWS 2005 & 2006:

TROUM & ALL SIDES - Shutun CD in round metal-box with white print & inlay. Edition of 1000 copies.
"Shutun" is the studio-version of the recent live-programme!

"Finally, after several historical releases as MAEROR TRI,the acclaimed German duo is going for their first full-length release on OEC as TROUM ! This is, as they say, their most complex work to date made mixing 25 different tracks into one unique long (over 50 minutes) composition! TROUM for this album is collaborating with the female ALL SIDES-project which makes this release even more intriguing & it's their first full-length album since Tjukurrpa 3 dated 2003 ...
Troum's (ancient German word for "Dream") aim is to lead the listener into a hypnotizing dream-state of mind, and use music as the direct path to the unconscious pointing to the archaic essence of human psyche ! TROUM works to create altered states of mind, they work on the human unconscious sphere ...

Their post-industrial drone music is created using a wide range of instruments like: guitar, bass, voice, accordion,  balalaika, flute, mouth-organ, melodica, gong, field recordings & more, to create a sort of transcendental dark & atmospheric ambient industrial. TROUM doesn't work with synths, samples or computer soundscapes ! The sounds are created "by hand" .

You can feel in this album : mysticism, ancestral power, ancient rites, the nature of your being ...
but also a collapsing world, the sounds of a falling universe, the deepest and more far star burning ....
as well as the more inner part of yourself moving & pulsing !A journey through space, body & soul!
This album comes in a special round metal-box!"

TROUM & AIDAN BAKER perform live on the Brainwaves-Festival in Boston and have more shows in USA & Canada this November 2006 !! TROUM is performing "Shutun" (CD out on Old Europa Cafe this month!) with live-member ALL SIDES on the BRAINWAVES-Festival in Boston, and will do 4 more shows together with AIDAN BAKER / NADJA and others!
A film by US-filmmaker BRIAN TRAYLOR will be shown ( during the show.


Thurs, Nov 16: HARTFORD, CT. The Raw Gallery, 56 Arbor Street. With AIDAN BAKER, TODD MERRELL.


Sat, Nov 18: MONTREAL, Sala Rossa. 4848 boul. St-Laurent. With TIM HECKER, AIDAN BAKER, THIS QUIET ARMY.

Mon, Nov 20: TORONTO, Le Labo, 55, rue Mill, Cannery Building # 58, Studio 317. With POLMO POLPO & AIDAN BAKER.

OUT NOW! (October 2006)
Troum has a long track named “THRAUSMATA ENOS ENEIROU” on “I, MUTE HUMMINGS: A Collection of Drone Music and Dulcet Atmospheres” CD, a fine compilation with dreamy experimental ambience, published by the new German label EX OVO. Other tracks come from: KEITH BERRY, FEAR FALLS BURNING, DRONAEMENT, JEFFREY RODEN, PAUL BRADLEY, STEVE JOLLIFFE, COLUMN ONE, RICHARD LAINHART. Go to for more details.

v.a. I, MUTE HUMMINGS EXO001- CD - First pressing: 500 Jewelcase
This collection of dense atmopsheres features a former member of Tangerine Dream and offers you the chance to listen to the world premiere of a long-lost thirty year old gem by an early synthesizer pioneer - as well as exclusive tracks by seven influential artists from the field of contemporary drone music.

TROUM NEWS 08.2006

Two new CDRs are out with early & live-material;
Live at KFJC Palo Alto 15. March 2001. Discorporeality Recordings. Recorded "live in the studio" in Palo Alto, CA, USA; 15. March 2001 at KFJC-Radio station.

Mastered & cover artwork by URE THRALL.
A one-tracker of 60+ min (in six sections). First edition numbered. 200 copies.

Comes with liner-notes by URE THRALL label -

Re-release of the very first Troum-MC from 1997.
On a new sub-label from Taalem named Kokeshidisk
A first edition of 100 copies is being offered, but we will have further editions after demand.

Also, there’s a new Troum-track out on this nice compilation dedicated to icy landscapes:
Label: Glacial Movements. First release from a new Italian label, a compilation dedicated to the theme "frozen landscapes", with: CLOSING THE ETERNITY, NORTHAUNT, THO-SO-AA, TUU, TROUM, AIDAN BAKER, NETHERWORLD, OOPHOI, LIGHTWAVE.
Limited edition of 300 copies.

Troum is proud to announce several live activities this coming autumn 2006 (most shows with ALL SIDES a.k.a. Nina Kernicke as third live-member!):

September 3, 2006
SCHIPHORST, Germany (near Hamburg), at the “Avantgarde Festival” curated by FAUST-member Jean-Herve Peron. Festival goes from Sept.1 to 3, with LEGENDARY PINK DOTS, FAUST, ASMUS TIETCHENS, ROTHER & MOEBIUS, LA STPO, CHARLES HAYWARD, etc...

September 8, 2006
MOSCOW, Russia: Cultural Center DOM, 24/4, Bol. Ovchinninkovskij per.
Single Troum-show with CISFINITUM as support !

September 29, 2006
HELSINKI, Finland: Club Liberte, Kolmas linja 34 - contact:

September 30, 2006
TURKU, Finland: Club TVO, Rehtorinpellonkatu 6 - contact:

October 7, 2006
VILNIUS, Lithuania, on the "Nordic Audio Modern 2006 - second edition", Military bunker "Vault", adr. Subaciaus str. 99, Vilnius, Lithuania. Festival with VISIONS, MEGAPTERA, DES ESSEINTES, GUSTAV HILDEBRAND, etc..

TROUM coming to the US & Canada again!
On November 17, TROUM will perform on the “Brainwaves”-Festival in ARLINGTON, BOSTON, MA, and do some other shows in Canada & US during that time together with AIDAN BAKER (not all arranged yet)
Please watch this Troum-site or, for an always updated overview about forthcoming shows, please watch our new myspace site at:

Equation Records has created a site with info and full discography including cover-visuals!

TROUM has finished a studio-version of the current live-programme with ALL SIDES under the project-name SHUTUN.
This piece should appear on CD this autum on OLD EUROPA CAFE as a metal box edition.

There's a new Troum article in the current issue of E/I. Please support this nice print-mag!

TROUM NEWS 05.2006
Transgredient Records presents: 
MARTYN BATES & TROUM – To a Child, Dancing in the Wind CD
Profound songs inspired by YEATS-poems: The acoustic transformation of the deepest yearning.

On This CD:

For this release, the German ‘transcendental-drone’-duo TROUM teams up with the legendary British singer / songwriter and EYELESS IN GAZA-member MARTYN BATES. More than 2 years in the making, MARTYN BATES has sung & played (mouth organ & melodica) over basic material TROUM provided – consisting of harmonic minimal loops & basic song structures derived from accordeon, e-bass & guitar, percussion), who were then also responsible for the final subsequent additions mastering (adding more guitar-work, voices & balalaika).

MARTYN BATES has chosen to sing four poems of the famous Irish poet W.B.YEATS, and he did this with a most impressive sensitivity for TROUM'S very sublime & rather hidden harmonic structures. There are also two instrumentals in a more experimental style on this disc, one being a dark drone reprise of the main piece “MAD AS THE MIST AND SNOW #2”. MARTYN’s voice is surely not something for everyone – it’s of an extreme emotional & yearnful quality that might be not easy to stand – a yearning which is like a deep “cry out to the horizon”, to something that is unreachable per se, feeling a passion that tears you apart inside. This is pure emotional poetry transformed into yearnful audible spherics !

Daniel Crokaert, founder of the dream-ambience CDR-label MYSTERY SEA in Brussels and a long-time fan of both MARTYN BATES & TROUM, has created a stunning 6-panel digipack using pictures approved by Martyn.

The Artists:
MARTYN BATES is the legendary British songwriter, being active since the early 80’s, one half of EYELESS IN GAZA & also working solo with other musicians and with Alan Trench as 12.000 DAYS. He has established a unique own style combining elements of folk & various other influences with this remarkable singing, being expressively poetic & highly emotional at any time.

TROUM is a German duo consisting of 2/3 of the remains of the ambient-industrialists MAEROR TRI (last year saw a rennaisance of M.T. with many re-releases of their works). TROUM describe their music themselves as “transcendental drone-muzak”, a very atmospheric & emotional but often also monumental and noisy, hypnotically & at times trance-inducing rhythmic melange.

General Disc-Info:
6-panel 4-colour digipack, 6 tracks, 38:30 playtime
Transgredient Records TR-03
Transgredient Records is Troum's label and can be contacted through Drone Records:

"TROUM dreamscapers blow their subliminal spiralling, looped delicate audio mobiles, finely tuning them to MARTYN BATES' keen emotional songs & reverberating poetry in motion... Notes linger in the fragile air... a golden voice haunts the heart of the melody, and we seem to hear angel sighs, like suspended dancing sparkles in front of iridescent stained glass windows... the music wraps up the sacralized space with miniature beautiful serenades into which words flow effortlessly... W.B. Yeats' mystical poems take suddenly unsuspected colours, inviting to unbridled elation..."
Chalkdc/Mystery Sea - May 2006

New Release Info (January 2006)
Artist TROUM - Title Ajin picture disc mLP - 500 copies Label Equation~ Cat.#E=mc11

Product Details: 500 copies only. Heavy 4-track 12” mLP picture disc with numbered circular insert, sealing sticker and an ‘information’ sticker on front. Exquisite artwork by eyelyft.

A small 45 second movie (in 3 formats) to promote this release is also available at:

Music Details: Troum have a long pedigree in the genre of richly textured ambient & drone music. This release continues their journey into the recesses of our mind with 4 tracks covering different styles: deep abyssal ambience, detailed-textures, archaic beats and haunting delicate floating drones.

TROUM NEWS November/December 05:

After a long pause (Martin / the GLIT[s]CH says BIG thanks to everyone for all the numerous health- & recovery-wishes!).
TROUM performs live again, with a new face on stage (Nina) & showing a film by CYRIL HERRY:
Dec. 02: Leipzig, Germany: Galerie fuer Zeitgenoessische Kunst, Karl-Tauchnitz-Strasse 11.
ticket: 5 Euro

Dec. 03: Wroclaw , Poland :
venue: ODA FIRLEJ - 56 Grabiszynska Street. Wroclaw, Poland.
tickets: 10 Euro per day
more info:
other bands performing: HERBST9, JOB KARMA, HATI, LAGOWSKI, SOL INVICTUS, etc..
contact: Maciek Frett"

New Release:

Out on Fario in France:
"DISSOLUTION" CD , split & collaboration CD by CHRISTIAN RENOU (ex BRUME) and TROUM.

The planned AJIN 4-track pic-10" will be out soon as a pic-12" on Equation Records (, there are delays because of pressing-problems.

The collaboration CD with MARTYN BATES ( is nearly finished and will come out on our own label TRANSGREDIENT RECORDS in a few weeks we hope !


And finally there will be troum / drone records - articles / interviews in next issues of D-EFFECTS ( and AUF ABWEGEN (

TROUM NEWS July 2005:
We are glad to announce several new & special releases for the next few months:

Two long experimental drone-tracks in the wonderful MYSTERY SEA-CDr-series from Brussels. Limited to 100.
A three-track 12" in an edition of 300 copies on Cologne's PARA NOISE.

AJIN - A 4-track 10" VINYL picture-disc with stunning artwork by Alan Mc Clelland
Out on Equation Records this summer !

The collaboration with CHRISTIAN RENOU (ex-BRUME) is just finished and will appear as a full-length CD soon on FARIO in France !

Dreaming Muzak CD-R. re-release of the very first Troum-MC from 1997. On a new sub-label from Taalem named Kokeshidisk:

SYMBALLEIN LP. Early & lost compilation material from 1997-1999. Planned on Flesh Eating Ants : - pre-orders are possible from troum(at)

TROUM is still working on collaborations with MARTYN BATES and URE THRALL, also with video/film-makers CYRIL HERRY (FR) and BRIAN TRAYLOR (US).

TROUM – Performances in Belgium & NL this April 2005 !   with a film by US-filmmaker BRIAN TRAYLOR
ANTWERP (BEL), APRIL 3: CC LUCHTBAL, Columbiastraat 110. (with SUNN O) & JOHN WIESE)
GHENT (BEL), APRIL 9: THE FRONTLINE, Overpoortstraat 37. (with THO-SO-AA &  HROPTR) contact: Structural Suffering Recordings
ARNHEM (NL), APRIL 10: Het Vertrek i.s.m. Sonorama (podium voor geluidskunst), Voormalig Velperpoort Station (old railway station), Van Muylwijkstraat 195 / Steenstraat (with MURMANSK).

contact: 026-4453028 or

TROUM NEWS January 2005:
"TROUM has the track "S'engourdir" out on the great CD-compilation '..... in the Crystal Cage - a collection of isolationist soundscapes for the inner cinema' by german label / magazine IKONEN.

info: Ikonen:
Media presents the Crystal Cage CD Compilation (ikon02)

Out 23rd of November 2004 Isolationist Soundscapes for the Inner Cinema 75 Minutes of fascinating atmospheric music in a dark and beautiful three-panel-digipak.

Imagine you’re in a crystal cage You breath deeply Yet you can’t relax Your eyes staring Into light – and darkness There are pattern Like flowers of ice You hear flames Devouring the walls The crystal cage could be your prison It could be – your isolation It could be – Life.

Exclusive Sonic constructions by Inade (D) Herbst9 (D) Anenzephalia (D) Fir§t Law (D) Shining Vril (GB) Galerie Schallschutz (D) Troum (D) Apoptose (D) Tho-So-Aa (D) Drape Excrement (D) Naevus (GB) Pilori (D) Golgatha (AU)

TROUM NEWS November 2004:

releases: TROUM has a series of very different sounding picture-vinyls seeing the daylight on different labels... just out are: - UN/MAHTS pic-7" on Equation Records (-> limited to 444 copies with artwork by Oliver Jakobi, raw archaic pulses and ambient noise !

label info:
"Heavy vinyl 7" picture disc featuring some beautiful artwork and limited to 444 numbered . Troum once again deliver exquisitely beautiful drones and noise to submerge your senses into other-worldly states. Comes with numbered round magnetic insert."

- AUTOPOIESIS pic-LP on Small Voices. (-> was announced in latest news info already - to be followed soon by a pic-10" on Laub Records (->

For more go to -- Troum News release archives:
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