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TROUM Sigqan -- Desolation House

We have a new CD out on desolation house, a sublabel from Release/Relapse Records! it's entitled SIGQAN (which means "sinking"). Catalog # DH0400 UPC#: 781676-0400-2-5

TROUM - SIGQAN - ROLAND VP-70 Voice Processor, LEXICON MPX-100, DIGITECH Multiplay PDS 20 / 20, BOSS Equalizer, BOSS Hypermetal, BOSS Pitch-Shifter, DIGITECH Chorus / Flanger, ALESIS Midiverb II & III, TASCAM 38 8-track reel to reel 1/2" tape recorder, TASCAM DX 4D Noise reduction units, MACKIE CR-1604 Mixing desk, FOSTEX 260 4-track, electric guitars, e-bow, accordion, our voices, regressive and transcendental states of mind.

New upcoming releases and concert-announcements (Feb. 2003) :

A new release on our own label Transgredient has seen the day of light finally: SYMBIOSIS. Also the PAINTED BLACK Compilation - CD ( ) and the DARVE SH 10” on Beta-Lactam Ring Records are out now. We are busy finishing the third part of the TJUKURRPA trilogy (subtitle: rhythms & pulsations) and hope to have it ready in April this year.

In March Troum will perform some concerts in France and Belgium, details will follow soon.

TROUM - Symbiosis mCD (Transgredient Records TR-02)

"Symbiosis" consists of 5 tracks that are entirely based on guitar-sounds, containing solo-tracks by each member of the band, Glit[s]ch and BarakaH, in order to create personal creative spheres that are melting in one at the same time. They range from short emotional guitar-fragments to fields of majestic static ambience up to mysterious minimal excursions.

The title "Symbiosis" expresses the inner urge and yearning for fusion as the basis for the motivation of music-creation, and stands as a symbol for: Troum being a symbio-creative entity, using music as a subsequent symbolization of pre-symbolic experience-formations, motivated by unconscious symbiotic wishes, based on very early per-verbal infant existence....The "unthought knowledge" of a symbiotic existence-form seen as an existential factor in human life.

The first 200 copies come in a very handmade 3D-pyramid-box made by 31Radjan. After the first edition is sold out, a standard edition will be available coming in a white cardboard cover with Troum-spiral-sticker, spiral-stamp and printed banderole-stripe.

Available Now on Beta-Lactam Ring Records

Troum - Darve sh 10" vinyl record
CATALOG #: mt030
Part 10 in the Lactamase series. Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, life is but a Troum. Or maybe I should say: merrily life is but a, life is but a, merily life is but a, life is but a, merrily life is but a, life is but a, merrily life is but a, life is but a, merrily life is but a, life is but a...In Troum's universe, life IS butta; as in "smoov as." Like some of the more seething Rapoon material "Dar vesh" bathes the listener in low waves of repetition that generate the appearance of sub waves which subvert and cross hatch the pieces with negotiated peaces. Loud this is not, but its mumbling rotations seep into the ear and stay there like lake water after a swim. Yes, like clean lake water, and no, not like hurty lake water. Just more wonderful and pulsing gurgles from the always-superb dreamweaver that is Troum.

Limited & numbered edition of 500 copies.

November 2002:

TROUM participated in the great 4 x CD & book compilation project INFERNAL PROTEUS from AJNA where all participants characterize a certain plant with their track. Participants were a.o. ALIO DIE, AH CAMA-SOTZ, AUBE, CHAOS AS SHELTER, J. COLECLOUGH, YANNICK DAUBY, INADE, LOTUS EATERS, MNORTHAM, STEVE RODEN, ULTRA (to name only a few).

TROUM worked on the ARACHNID, a fascinating fictional plant from a J.G.BALLARD short story. Available through Drone Records as well. - A special new release should come out before the end of 2002 on our own label TRANSGREDIENT: a 5-track mCD entitled SYMBIOSIS which is packed in a first edition of 200 copies in a beautiful handmade triangle 3-D box (made by Juergen Riedel from Dresden) (see photo from Juergen for details).

The material will be totally based on spheric guitars and combine the most melancholic and yearnful material from so far, from short fragmentary pieces to longer, more structured tracks. A very personal release and a must for everyone who enjoyed TJUKURRPA 1 or the B-side of the long gone DAUR 10”.

We like to call this music “Symbiotic Ambience”, as the music seems to arise from the depths of pre-symbolic experiencing. The 3-D-box edition will be probably only available through our mail-order, the price lies at around € 10.00, pre-orders are welcome!

DARVE SH is the title of a new 10” that comes out soon on beta-lactam ring records from Portland. It appears in the already highly collectable LACTAMASE-series and will be limited to 500 copies (others in the series are i.e.NOISE-MAKER’S FIFES, EDWARD KA-SPEL and COIL).

The material will be very trancy with an almost oriental atmosphere, the A-side is pure groovy hypnotism! - Another 10” vinyl named LUBIMAJA will appear on a russian label from St. Petersburg named COLD LANDS 3 tracks of sublime atmospheric vibes like coming from the deepest areas of your subconscious.

RHYTHMS / PULSATIONS. the third part of the Tjukurrpa trilogy is still in the making, we hope for a release early 2003.

JULY 2002:

The long awaited CD collaboration with YEN POX, years in the making, is finally available, on the prolific industrial/dark ambient - label Malignant !! available directly from us or through the usual channels.

New Troum Interview in Naninani-newsletter & FEAR DROP-issue (#9)

December 2001:

New on Transgredient Records:

TROUM  Tjukurrpa (part two: drones) CD

This is the second release on Troum's new label TRANSGREDIENT and also the second part of the Tjukurrpa-trilogy, aiming to show the different sides of Troum's organic & archaic dreamscapes. This part two is dedicated to "drones", presenting five highly atmospheric and droning tracks ranging from minimal to monumental sounds, from dark ambient to more ritualistic areas: these are drones to loose your rational mind in.

The music on Tjukurrpa II is made by loops based on metal-sounds, percussion & other more obscure sources, as well as mouth-organ, choirs, guitars, and effects.

The aboriginal word "Tjukurrpa", translated as "dreamtime",should symbolize the aim to build music that creates a dreamy state of mind, music of yearning, meditation and inner movement. The "Tjukurrpa"-trilogy shows the three basic musical spheres of TROUM, "harmonies", "drones" and "pulsations": This second part presents the dark, droney & minimal side of TROUM.

Comes in a special full-colour circle-cover!




July 2001:

"Troum have just finished recordings for an EP in the "Kapotte Muziek by.." series by Korm Plastics / Staalplaat. It will be released within this year as a vinyl-only 7" record."


"Aquarius Records has put samples of two tracks of the new Troum album "tjukurrpa 1" on their website. The review and Real Audio sound-files are listed below.

Stefan Knappe of Troum has started the Transgredient label as an outlet for CD releases, thus preserving the vinyl-only purity of his Drone Records label and its ongoing series of seven inch singles. Troum is the extention of the Maeror Tri project which was an incredibly prolific isolationist / post-industrial group throughout the '90s. Armed with a barrage of guitars, miasmic loops, and tricked out reverb / echo / delay effects, Maeror Tri undertook a bleak and at times nightmarish route in search of the drone supreme. While culling from Maeror Tri's extensive drone production techniques, Troum's sound is far lighter -- but still never sounds as gentle (or space-rock-y) as something like Windy & Carl or Roy Montgomery.

Repetitive and subtly beautiful melodies rise out of the waters of Troum's cold swirling ambience, which grow in intensity throughout each of the seven lengthy pieces on this disc. While the members of Troum have been recording for well over a decade, it is still a wonder to hear new material as they continue to challenge themselves to improve on the what they seemingly have already perfected: the task of creating the ultimate drone.

Tjukurrpa cover art 70K

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