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OUT NOW! new Troum album "Acouasme" (CD on Cold Spring Records) came out at the very end of 2015 !!
the new studio album with six long tracks of pestering transrational drones that sound like an aural psychiatric symptom, a humming hallucination leaving the stable reality - the surrounding acoustic world as perceived through the mind of a mentally disordered person, 'Acouasme' sets you deep into a world of strange and eerie aural occurences..

listen / purchase digitally:

CD version:

Acouasme Album Reviews:

Heathen Harvest:

Brutal Resonance:

the vinyl version (do-LP) comes later this year on Silken Tofu !

Tiefenmusic Reaching Our Unconscious Minds

TROUM NEWS 10.2015

* TROUMs music has been used as main part for the soundtrack of a new Canadian movie called RIVER, directed by Jamie M. Dagg, which premiered at the Toronto Film Festival - watch the trailer here:

* TROUMs collaboration CD with raison d'etre, "De Aeris In Sublunaria Influxu" was released in August by the great Essence Music label [] from Brasil and already got great reviews.

We offer a digital version for listening & purchasing through our bandcamp page:

The CD-version is for sale here:

* The "Mnemonic Induction" CD re-issue on our Transgredient Records label is also out, this re-mastered version is available digitally through Yen Pox bandcamp site: +

the CD :

A vinyl-version of the album is currently produced by Burning World Records, with a re-production of the original cover art by Stephen O'Malley ! TROUM also started to work with YEN POX on a second part of "Mnemonic Induction" !!

* The new TROUM album "Acouasme" is ready and we are currently waiting for the release on CD through Cold Spring Records []. A vinyl version (do-LP) will follow on Silken Tofu from Belgium later . [] * TROUM have just finished a re-mix of Muslimgauze's "Port Said" 12", a CD re-issue with various bonus remixes is planned for early 2016 on Russians Aquarellist.

Tiefenmusic Reaching Our Unconscious Minds


The new TROUM album "Acouasme" is almost ready, at the moment in the final mastering process!!!

"Six long tracks of pestering transrational drones sounding like an aural psychiatric symptom, a humming hallucination leaving the stable reality..." be released on CD by Cold Spring Records this summer.

There should be a vinyl version (do-LP) of this later, too.
"Mnemonic Induction", the collaboration album with YEN POX from 2002 for which we so often get requests, will be finally re-released soon on our own label Transgredient Records (TR-11) - re-mastered and with new artwork by Abby Helasdottir: A vinyl version is planned to be released by Burning World Records, with a reproduction of the original artwork by Stephen O'Malley.

Finally, after many years in the works the first part our collaboration with raison d'etre named "De Aeris In Sublunaria Influxu" will be released as CD on Brazil's Essence Music this summer.

A few months ago saw the release of the very limited "Dilo/Scent of Mires" split 12" with Russians CLOSING THE ETERNITY / AD LUX TENEBRAE:

Next planned live event: TROUM will perform live at the "Rapid Ear Movement" (REM) - Festival in Bremen , on Sat. 27. June 2015 (around 6 pm) - a unique outdoor (!) performance at the 'Hanseatenhof' in the centre of the town, with a specially designed loudspeaker orchestra surrounding the artists. more info about the festival (4 days, with artists like D.D.A.A, C. PALESTINE & MICHEL CHION performing + installations, films, etc..!!):

Tiefenmusic Reaching Our Unconscious Minds

Troum Mare morphosis
'Mare morphosis'


RELEASE DATE : 15. December 2013


DESCRIPTION: 'Mare morphosis' forms the third & final part of TROUMs so called 'Power Romantic' trilogy that started with 'Mare Idiophonika' in 2010. The basic materials & arrangements for this one long epic piece were created from 2009-2013 (partly based on the recordings for the 'Bach Eingeschaltet, Dritter Band' 7" dealing with experimental reworkings of J.S.BACH pieces) & to some extent used live in different live-programmes:

A piece like an 'Ocean of Transformations', morphing through various stages of intensity. 'Mare morphosis' stands out in the history of TROUM studio-albums as their most symphonic, refined and orchestral effort so far. Cover photography by Paul Takahashi, graphic design by Tilmann Benninghaus (8 panel fold out digipack). First edition: 1000 copies.

"Mare morphosis definitely gives Troum’s music a new dimension, reflecting ancient waves, amplifying the power of Sehnsucht, drumming the drowning heart." [Denis Boyer / Fear Drop]

"Mare morphosis" ist eines der stimmungsvollsten und abwechslungsreichsten Werke von TROUM, die ich kenne. Die einzelnen Abschnitte wirken tatsächlich wie Sätze einer Sinfonie, ohne dass die Gesamtanmutung vernachlässigt wird: Es geht hörbar um die mächtigste aller Naturgewalten, das Wasser, in seinen unterschiedlichen Ausprägungen. Von ästhetisch über melancholisch bis düster und bedrohlich; vermutlich sind die 'Veränderungen' im Titel so zu deuten. Wunderschön und mit vielen Details zum Mehrfach-Hören gespickt." [Michael We /]

TRACKLISTING: 1.Mare morphosis OTHER PARTS OF THE TRILOGY: "Mare Idiophonika" CD (2010, Tourette Records / Silken Tofu) "Grote Mandrenke" CD (2012, Beta-lactam Ring Records)

Watch the video-clip teaser "Apeiron" from this album, made by Sylwia Partyka:

Digi Album listen:
single & wholesale orders:

Tiefenmusic Reaching Our Unconscious Minds

TROUM NEWS (09.2013)

*UPCOMING SHOWS in Germany ! Fr., October 4, 2013: Essen (Germany): Denovali Swingfest, a three day festival with: BIOSPHERE, NADJA, AUN, TIM HECKER, etc..

Fr., October 18, 2013: Bremen (Germany): " > 3 " : special concept performance with DOOMBRUDER and VON WEGEN; Kulturbunker Bremen , Berliner Str.

Sat., November 2, 2013: Darmstadt (Germany): ZugZwang-Festival, with REUTOFF and RAPOON. CD with exclusive material of all bands sold at festival! planned for 2014: London, Edinburgh, Wroclaw ...

TROUM news..

* LATEST RELEASE: TROUM - Mort aux Vaches: Sen CD (Aquarellist) Finally, the first CD re-issue of TROUMs 2nd album from 2000, recorded "live in the studio" at VPRO in Amsterdam on the 12.12.1999 and released in the "Mort aux Vaches"-series; a long one-tracker going through different stages... "very ominous and pulsating, but with an almost spiritualy uplifting quality" [Steve Hall/YEN POX] re-mastered by KSHATRIY, this comes in an edition of 500 copies with beautiful black / micro-corrugated 6 panel silk-screen cover

*INTERVIEWs & ARTICLES Intro about Troum on Complicated Sounds blog (english):

Black Magazine Interview about the Power Romantic concept, etc.. (german)

*UPCOMING RELEASES: very soon: "Syzygie" CD on Cold Spring Records, UK a collection of rare tracks 1999-2002

"Mare morphosis" CD NEW STUDIO ALBUM! the third part of the "power romantic" trilogy that began with "Mare Idiophonika". This album will be released on Troums own label Transgredient Records (TR-09) Artwork by Paul Takahashi.

later: "RYNA" do-LP box re-issue of first album, on Ewers Tonkunst

"AIWS" do-LP re-issue, on Backwards / Ricerca Sonora

Troum News February 2013:

* upcoming shows: Sat, April 13, 2013: Stockholm , Sweden . at Fylkingen (show was planned two weeks later first, so don't trust the info you find in the internet)

April 25, 2013: Osnabrück, Germany, at "Haus der Jugend" with live visuals by Jürgen Reble as part of the "European Media Art Festival"

* TROUM on Bandcamp: we recently started a Bandcamp-site for rarities & so far unpublished tracks, also all main albums will be placed there sooner or later.

* TROUM on Facebook: yes, it had to happen, now we're part of the machinery, too. a good friend of the band is running this site, will soon be filled with content: if you feel connected to Troum-sounds, send us a "like" !

TROUM news..

* NIHTES NIHT is out! A remarkable collaboration with five long tracks, recorded by Aidan Baker & Troum two years ago.. TROUM & AIDAN BAKER - Nihtes Niht CD Alone At Last AAL[4] 2013 Alien drones of DIS-orientation - a soundtrack for the endless NOTHING, for suspended ice landscapes, very dark & lonely & grim - maybe the darkest AIDAN BAKER has ever done! Lim.

500 in very special fold-out cover, comes with 11 additional full-colour inlay cards showing paintings of STAS MUKLINOV, released on a new Russian label from Moscow 'Nihtes Niht' is an old German notion which means "Nothing from Nothing". More

Troum News July 2012:
A new Troum album is out, on Beta-lactam Ring Records! "GROTE MANDRENKE - the great drowning of Men". Grote Mandrenke is cinematic and melancholy; anthemic and brooding.

An aural hallucination on the events that occurred January 15-17, 1362 at the Friesian North Sea coast.
For a limited period of time, you can listen to a full MP3 version of the album at

More information:

TROUM news..

TROUM live: August 24, 2012, in Lithuania at the "MENUO JUODARAGIS XV" festival.

:::: ME.NUO JUODARAGIS XV :::: The XV Me.nuo Juodaragis festival will hatch out of the cosmic egg as destined on the last weekend of summer calling back its entire kin to celebrate the charming feast of music and culture on the dreamy Lake Zarasas Island which has become home to the Festival.

On August 24-26, the annual event will host the most unique art collectives from around the globe and unlock the treasury of knowledge of the Baltic culture in a creative way.

For three days and nights, the forested hollows of the Island will sound with voices, while the fresh water of the Lake will caress the reflection of the gibbous moon...

This year, the thematic crown of the Festival will be adored with birds - the motley heralds from legends transformed into hundreds of totems and folklore symbols, mesmerising with the variety of tones and hues.

The inspiration for flight will be further enhanced by the parallel topic of the Festival - the history of Lithuanian aviation, which will be revealed by the professionals from Kaunas Airport and Lithuanian Aviation Museum.

Troum News 2012:

live shows confirmed for this April 2012: 20. April: BREMEN, Germany, MS STUBNITZ, "SOLAR DRONES" festival.
Troum Solar Drones Festival

View PDF

The MS STUBNITZ ship stops in our hometown Bremen this spring and a 2-day festival is held with the following acts: INADE, AUN, ALLSEITS, THISQUIETARMY, FEINE TRINKERS BEI PINKELS DAHEIM, 1000SCHOEN, and TROUM

The new TROUM-album entitled GROTE MANDRENKE will be published on CD by Beta-lactam Ring Records in May this year!

With a limited vinyl version of this epic one-tracker to be followed later in autumn on the same label.

TROUM news..

TROUM have finished a collaboration with AIDAN BAKER for the great Italian "Glacial Movements" series. The CD will be released around the end of this year on Glacial Movements. Maybe the darkest work Aidan has ever done ;)

a 7" for the Tourette Records

"We Dream in Colours" series is in the making... colour: GREEN

TROUM is currently also working on collaborations with RAISON D'ETRE, VOICE OF EYE and DEAD VOICES ON AIR.

Troum /Nadja Moscow show
28. April 2012: MOSCOW, Russia,
PLAN B. show with NADJA !!

Troum News August 2011:

This extremely limited 7inch picture disc vinyl (179 copies in total) is luxuriously encased in a transparent water-proof plastic “sea & sand” die-cut printed liquid-gel pack printed gatefold sleeve.

Yes – each copy is expensive - but it is still being sold below cost (Equation is losing money on each copy). The oceanic sleeve and record - inspired, conceptualized and designed by renowned graphic artist Alan McClelland (a/k/a ::: eye.lyft ::: blogspot here) – is a testament to water, waves, oceans, rivers and seas.

Dive in …
... glistening blue enveloping aqua...
... the sea is substance - livid and lustrous and beautiful ...

No Twitter >> No Facebook >> No Google+ >> No MySpace >> No Digital Downloads >> No fancy high-tech-gizmos or gimmicks.

Instead, we offer an old-fashioned physical, tactile, recorded artifact: a nautical single by Troum.
An elemental vinyl offering to a primordial ocean from whence we all originally came where we will all eventually return.

In "Saiws“ (an old Gothic Germanic word for “sea”) Troum manages to conjour images of the vastness and depths of the oceans, and unveils a treasure for our ears and minds.

From Troum themselves...

Picture-disc with unique "organic" object-cover designed by Eye.Lift: a printed gatefold "Sea & Sand" sleeve-bag filled with blue gel & blinking "sand" creating psychedelic, waving effects; on the record two tracks of nautical guitar drone-muzak, a soundtrack for oceanic imaginations, for standing at the sea; this is probably the most beautiful TROUM art
ifact that was ever released!

Equation Records Release Information

Troum News March 2011:
TROUM shows coming up this spring 2011 throughout Europe!

March 26, Sa: DRESDEN, Germany. AZ Conni with DRONAEMENT

April 30, Sa: SAN DONA DI PIAVE (near VENICE), Italy. Revolver Club. "Congresse Postindustriale VIII"-Festival with K11, PETER ANDERSSON (RAISON D'ETRE, DJINN, MUERAN HUMANOS). See for details.

May 12, Th: ATHENS, Greece. Six D.O.G.S. "We Dream in Colour"-Concert Series. For this series, 7 bands perform in 7 months and release 7 x 7" vinyls in 7 different colours of the rainbow! for details contact:

May 21, Sa.: GENT, Belgium. locality t.b.a. SILKEN TOFU-Festival (2 days, diverse acts) for details:

June 4, Sa.: KIEV, Ukraine. Prime Club. With FILIVS MACROCOSMI. for details:

Troum News January 2011:
Troum live in Gdansk Jan. 2011 - review & video-extracts from Alternation Magazine,id,668,relacje.html

Troum News November 2010:
...."This is the studio-version of Troums live-programme from 2007, performed in Arnhem (NL), Lille (FR), Prague (CZ), Leipzig, Bremen, Berlin, Frankfurt, Weingarten & Cologne (GER) (with NADJA, ASIA NOVA & VOICE OF EYE).
A new ending has been added later." ....

mail us or the labels direct if you want to order:
Wim Pauwels:
Joseph Noarck:
NEW RELEASES: TROUM - Mare Idiophonika ("The Self-Playing Ocean") CD
The new Troum album "MARE IDIOPHONIKA" is out now on CD, released in an European version by SILKEN TOFU and in a North-American version by TOURETTE Records, both are limited to 500 copies (different artwork, same audio material).

MARE IDIOPHONIKA works as a dedication to imaginable self-organized aural systems, using singing-bowls and "dry" beats for the very first time. Ingredients: bass, guitars, pulses, singing-bowls, metal-objects, voices & choirs.

TROUM news..

The prolific German label DENOVALI Records has released a limited vinyl version of this album, out some months before as CD on Transgredient; the vinyl version is limited to 500 and comes in three different vinyl colours, with thick printed sleeves & inner sleeves, and on 180gr vinyl.

mail us or the label direct if you want to order:
Denovali Records (shop):

Troum News May 2010:
NADJA & TROUM "Dominium Visurgis"

This is something you could call a "dreamlike liaison".

When the Canadian "avant metal / drone doom"-duo NADJA (who name TROUM as one of their early influences) and the German post-industrial / experimental drone pioneers TROUM (years ago active as MAEROR TRI who are still discovered by many drone-fans these days) combine their exceptional styles, they form something even vaster as usually known from them.

These three long collaboration tracks were recorded as a result of a spontaneous improvisation in April 2008 "live in the studio" near the Weser-river in Bremen, Germany, and suck you in with their powerful & emotional drone melancholy that works in many micro-& macrocosmic ways, using electric & acoustic guitars, bass, accordeon, drum-machine & voice.

REVIEW: "In dieser ersten Zusammenarbeit von Troum (Baraka[H] + Glit[s]ch) aus Deutschland und Nadja (Leah Buckareff + Aidan Baker) aus Kanada schaffen beide Bands etwas, dass vielen derartigen Kollaborationen eben nicht gelingt: den eigenen Stil beizubehalten und gleichzeitig offen zu sein, zentrale Elemente des musikalischen Partners gleichberechtigt einzubinden und eine echte Mischung entstehen zu lassen.

Sei es aus dem Wissen darum, dass dies nur in einer direkten Konfrontation geht, sei es aus anderen Gründen und allein der glückliche Zufall hat es bewirkt, Troum und Nadja haben mit "Dominium Visurgis" keine e-mail Zusammenarbeit auf CD gebannt, sondern sich tatsächlich im Studio getroffen und die vorliegenden drei Stücke in enger Zusammenarbeit komponiert und aufgenommen.

Denn nur die dann entstehende derartig intensive Interaktion (und eigentlich: die daraus resultierende gegenseitige Inspiration) lässt eine Atmosphäre entstehen, die noch über die eigentliche Musik hinauszustrahlen scheint, den Wirkungskreis der Musik erweitert. Bei aller Qualität, die die VÖs beider Bands sonst haben, "Dominium Visurgis" ist etwas besonderes. [Hellmut Neidhardt aka "N", Unruhr]

TRACKLISTING: 01. Dominium Visurgis Pt. 1 02. Dominium Visurgis Pt. 2 03. Dominium Visurgis Pt. 3

Troum News November 2009:

New Releases:
TROUM - SIGQAN CD Transgredient Records TR-06

Re-issue of the long deleted album from 2003 (Desolation House), comes with new artwork featuring UV-high gloss spots, designed by Alan McClelland.

TROUM news..

Troum News November 2009 Live:

TROUM performs in Poznan/Poland on the APOSTAZJA-Festival III, on November 21, 2009.

Watch the trailer:

More Info:


TROUM news..

Dear Troumsters, finally our new album has seen the daylight!
EALD-GE-STREON is a collection of various tracks mainly coming from analogue 8-track-sources and used for several live-programmes through the last years, all re-worked and re-mastered.

It features a powerful cover-version of SAVAGE REPUBLICs classic "Procession", and has a stunning artwork with rarely used and difficult to print metallic colours designed by STEPHEN O'MALLEY - SUNN 0))).
The first 500 copies have a bonus CD with the epic track ABHIJNA.
Troum News May 2009:

Beta-lactam Ring Records   mt183
first 500 copies w. bonus CD "Abhijna"

"Design, layout and artwork by Stephen O'Malley".  Welcome to the Thunderdome. Troum’s bone-cracking reverberations respirate with such ferocity that all non-Troum molecules are blown away. Eald-Ge-Streon is a massive, rising beauty. It is a great becoming, and we are nothing but an ant in the afterbirth.

Troum has set its controls beyond the heart of the Sunn. The pulsating inferno of these 7 drone concertos may require an insurance adjuster, but what a lovely way to burn. It is in your nature to do one thing correctly. Before Troum, you rightly tremble. But fear is not what you owe Troum. You owe Troum awe!"

LIVE ACTIVITIES! Some Troum-shows coming up in Germany and France. Troum

TROUM will perform a brand new live-programme with a strong ritualistic & dark chamber music influence using ethnic instruments like a bugle, an Arabian flute and a didgeridoo, with new visuals made by BarakaH!

June 1, Mo: LEIPZIG: Wave-Gotik-Meeting; at the special "industrial/dark ambient" night at the Volkspalast/Kuppelhalle with HERBST 9, PHELIOS, CIRCULAR and BRACHIAL PALSY.

June 4, Th: PARIS: Instants Chavires; With SMALL CRUEL PARTY!

June 5, Fr: BORDEAUX: L'Heretic; With ALTAIR TEMPLE.

June 6, Sa: LYON: Le Sonic; With NADJA and THISQUIETARMY.


Troum News March 2009:

THE DANGERS, a short film by Australian film-maker SIOUXZI MERNAGH which uses solely Troum-music as soundtrack will be premiere screened at the ICI in Berlin on April 7, 2009.

TROUM will perform at the CoC Art Festival in Torun, Poland, on Friday 27. March 2009

The release of our new album EALD-GE-STREON on Beta-lactam Ring Records is further delayed, but the doCD-version should be available early April!

TROUM news..

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