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3. March 2001: HAARLEM, Netherlands, on the (toon)2 - Festival, with BEEQUEEN.

USA-Tour Spring 2001:

15. March 2001: PALO ALTO, CA, USA, live Radio Broadcast at KFJC-Radio in Palo Alto, from 10pm to 2am. with SMOOTH QUALITY EXCREMENT.

17. March 2001: LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, at the "Mystic Family Circus"-Festival (shut down by the police in the middle of the show).

18. March 2001: SAN FRANCISCO, CA, USA. Edinburgh Castle, with COELACANTH.

19. March 2001: SAN FRANCISCO, CA, USA. instore performance at AQUARIUS RECORDS.

21. March 2001: AUSTIN, TX, USA. instore performance at "33 degrees". with TOM CARTER

23. March 2001: CHICAGO, IL, USA. Deadtech-gallery, with V.O.S.

24. March 2001: DETROIT, MI, USA, The Gold Dollar, with KNURL, HEARING TRUMPET, RUINS, and others.

25. March 2001: PITTSBURGH, USA. Millvale Industrial Theater. With some others..

27. March 2001: NEW YORK CITY, USA. The Pyramid, with LOTUS EATERS.

31. March 2001: LIMOGES, France, at the "Artooz"-Festival, with SCORN, TECHNO ANIMAL, LECANORA, MIMETIC, MLADA FRONTA, and others...


19. Oct. 2001: ROTTERDAM, Netherlands, Worm. with ULTRASOUND.

20. Oct. 2001: LEIPZIG, Germany. Galerie Interdruck. with ULTRASOUND and CONTAGIOUS ORGASM.

24. Oct. 2001: WUERZBURG, Germany. Nulldrei. with ULTRASOUND.

25. Oct. 2001: ROSTOCK, Germany. MS Stubnitz, on a festival with ULTRASOUND, WRIKKEN.

27. Oct. 2001: UTRECHT, Netherlands. Theater Kikker, on a festival with ULTRASOUND, MOLJEBKA PVLSE, 87 CENTRAL.

14. Nov. 2001: BREMEN, Germany. BonbonCafe.

20. Dec. 2001: MUENSTER, Germany. Cuba, at the "Sound of Nature"-Festival, with TOY BIZARRE, ARTHUUR VOGELWUERGER, THUJA.

ultrasound (us/netherlands) & troum (germany) 2001 october european tour
(including video by rfovetz of ultrasound)

Tour Itinerary :

Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Tuesday 16.10 @ Cafe Sonore (ultrasound only)

Rotterdam, The Netherlands, Friday, 19.10 @ WORM

Leipzig, Germany, Saturday, 20.10 @Galerie Interdruck, festival with CONTAGIOUS ORGASM

Bremen, Germany, Monday 22.10 @ KNIESCHUSSCLUB (ultrasound only)

Warzburg, Germany, Wednesday, 24.10 @ Nulldrei

Rostock, Germany, Thursday, 25.10 @Stubnitz

Utrecht, The Netherlands, 27.10 Saturday @ Theater Kikker Drones Festival with MOLJEBKA PVLSE & 87 CENTRAL. contact:

We look forward to you hearing us!

autonomya‚ c/o rfovetza‚ Drebbelstraat 161 2522 CT Den Haag The Netherlands
31 0 70 414 0621 fon / facs

Troum / Ultrasound drone tour 12 - 28 October 2001

Two groundbreaking purveyors of minimal drone music team up this October for a series of performances that promise to unlock pathways to other dimensions. At a time when experimental music is becoming increasingly “easy”, and performed exclusively on laptops, Troum and Ultrasound continue to express their love for melody and harmony with guitars and a range of other acoustic instruments.

Troum’s music spirals around shimmering harmonies that set the entire body abuzz. The German duo, including Drone Records founder Stefan Knappe, has just returned from their triumphant first coast-to-coast US tour on the heels of their release of “Tjukurrpa (Part One: Harmonies)” on their own Transgredient Records. Comprising two-thirds of the legendary Maeror Tri, they have an extensive discography to their credit, including Staalplaat’s (The Netherlands) release of their live recording for Dutch National Radio VPRO, “De Avonden”, in 1999. They have also toured extensively throughout Europe.

Tour-mates Ultrasound are a persistent threesome who have returned after a nearly three-year break in releasing music to produce their fifth full-length recording “Ultrasound Hamesh”. Including dual guitars, electric bass, piano and viola, and dubbed “one of the best of the breed” by Dream Magazine (US), Ultrasound garnered rave reviews for their melodic ocean of sound, from magazines and radio DJs throughout Japan, Europe and North America. Featuring Kirk Laktas, formerly of Stars of the Lid (Kranky Records, US), Ultrasound toured Europe in 1998 and has worked extensively with modern dance choreographers in The Netherlands.

For the tour, Troum and Ultrasound will bring their own sound engineers, print tour posters and assist in necessary promotions. Along with the enclosed CDs of both groups, you will also find selected reviews and discographies.

We look forward to hearing from you about booking a performance in your venue. The fee (including sleeping spaces for five) is negotiable depending on your budget.

We look forward to you hearing us!

Robert Ovetz
Drebbelstraat 161
2522 CT Den Haag
The Netherlands
31 0 70 414 0621 fon / facs

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