TROUM - Ljubimaya

Cold Lands info: TROUM "Ljubimaya" 10"
Waystyx Records Catalogue #: WR 03

Troum means dream, and dream is a symbol for unconscious. Just like a daydream, this music can drive us to very deep, out of mind control domains from emotional side. Floating, blurred soundscapes takes you to the limits of everyday life. The enigmatic non-being, unreacheable ultimate harmony is far from mind capabilities and refuses to be rationally analyzed.

This mini album is the first vinyl release of Moscow based label Waystyx, and it remember us about russian tour of the legendary duo, which took place about on november 2002.

Dense and spheric, their sound progressed to the more subtle, fine aesthetics, carrying slightly minor intonations through all three pieces of this album, creating the wonderful shapes out of massive noise foundament. Especially speaking of "Meerestraum" ("The Sea Dream"), which is majestically eminent, enchanting your perception, drilling the dusky space of unconscious chaos, it fulfill your soul with confusion and yearning for mysteries and unknown places.

Both Troum members, Stefan and Martin, are calling the music their wife, and their releases - lovely little babies. "Ljubimaya" means the favourite in Russian, and it points both to our choice and Troum recent works. This release is definitely something we can be proud of! Record comes in the nice foldout cover designed by Igor Vaganov. ltd. to 455 copies. (IEM Magazine)

Troum Tjukurrpa 1 Harmonies
  Troum Tjukurrpa 2 Drones   Troum Tjukurrpa 3 Drones

Nautical Music The Philosophy of "Tjukurrpa

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