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The direct path to the unconsciousness

Our music & the unconsciousness. So you may ask: what is it all about? For me, it can be all focused & described in one sentence: "This music finds the direct way to the unconsciousness!" It's pure emotion. It overcomes the borders of the conscious brain, the cortex.

There are many ways to express these feelings of transcendence when you have experienced it (like "a journey to my inner self", "music to activate the right side of the brain", "it touched something deep inside but I can't really describe it", or "I was in a strange state of trance, thoughts and visions came somehow automatically").

But at the end it's all the same, it's the contact with our "deeper brain", the unconscious brain. New brain science emphasizes the overall importance of the "emotional brain" and leaves behind the usual concept that only the cortex is necessary for human, higher functions of thinking and that it rules our life.

The emotional brain, based in the limbic system, is much more important for any action & thinking than previously assumed. It is the part of us we can hardly realize or describe in words. It's the non-verbal side of being, and therefore I think music or any art that is capable of reaching this unconscious side in us is very important, as the basic rational thinking is ignored in this process! That's why we don't do rational music at all, it's pure emotional expression.

To "feel" the more unconscious side of us through music can be a "Peak Experience" (in the sense of Maslow), can lead to a more holistic point of view, to feel the core of our existence, the light & the dark, joy & fears of our deeper mind.

baraka[H], 12-12-1999

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