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"DHANU-H" on "Breaking Down the Barriers 1995-2005. Ten Years of Afe" (01/2006)
free on-line compilation celebrating ten years of activities of this label and featuring about 250 international electronic and alternative musicians/bands.

forthcoming releases:

TO A CHILD DANCING IN THE WIND collaboration-CD with MARTYN BATES (Transgredient Records)
EYE-SEEING GOD CD-R (radio session rec. at KFJC 03/2001) (Discorporeality Rec.)
IGNIS SACER LP (Troum w. NID live-album) (Welt am Draht)
NARGIS 7" (Viva Hate Records)
RYNA CD re-release of first album (Transgredient Records)
DREAMING MUZAK CD-R (re-release of MC) (Taalem/ Kokeshidisk)


NAHTSCATO 12" (Paranoise Records pnp09) (07/2005) ed. of 300 on red vinyl
OBJECTLESSNESS CD-R (Mystery Sea MS24) (07/2005) lim. 100
DISSOLUTION CD (split & collaboration with CHRISTIAN RENOU) (Fario CD08) (11/2005) ed. of 500
AJIN pic-12" (Equation Records E=mc11) (12/2005) long-play (33rpm) 4-track-maxi with artwork by Alan Mc Clelland. ed. of 500.

"WHEN YOU SCREAM..." on "AIDAN BAKER – REMIXES" CD (Arcolepsy arc12) (12/2005) remix of an AIDAN BAKER-track from "Concretion" CDR. lim. 250 copies


"USWENA" on "SHADOWS OF RECORDS INFINITE" CD (Crucialblast CBR33) (04/ 2004)

forthcoming releases:
AUTOPOIESIS pic-LP (Small Voices)
MAHTS / UNMAHTS pic-7" (Equation Records)
IGNIS SACER live LP (TROUM vs. NID) (Welt am Draht)


DARVÊ SH 10" (Beta-Lactam Ring Records TM030 [part 10 in Lactamase-series]), Lim. 500 copies, 100 copies in red-white vinyl. (02/2003).
KASHA-PASHANA CD (Old Europa Cafe OEC 052), compilation-album with TAM QUAM TABULA RASA and KALLABRIS. two tracks by TROUM. Edition of 500 copies (02/2003)
LJUBIMAYA 10" (Waystyx Records WAYS 03) ed. of 455 numbered copies in hand-assembled covers (05/2003)
SIGQAN CD (Desolation House) ed. of 1000 copies in double-digipack. Nr. 4 in the series of 12 CDs (06/2003)
"MAGISCHER MOMENT" on "DHY 050" LP (Dhyana Records DHY050) (08/2003) - "untitled" [darve sh] on "Lactamase 13 - The Closure" 10" (Beta-Lactam Ring Records mt033) (09/2003)

TJUKURRPA (PART THREE: RHYTHMS AND PULSATIONS) CD (sixth full-length CD) (Transgredient Records TR-01c) first pressing of 1000 copies comes in a full-colour circle-cover. Third part of the "tjukurrpa-trilogy" (11/2003)
"MAKARIA" on "THE WALLS ARE WHISPERING" CD (EE Tapes 03) (11/2003) lim. 525 copies
"ANANKE" on "EVOLVED AS ONE" CD (Evolved as One evol 01) (12/2003)


"EUGH [CUNABULA]" on „THISCONNECTED" CD, (Thisco THISK02) edition of 500 copies (03/2002).
"part II (edit) of Sigqan" (9.01 min) on „A SLIGHT TOUCH OF GRACE" CD (Release Entertainment) Promotional Compilation, not for sale (06/2002).

MNEMONIC INDUCTION CD (collaboration with YEN POX), (Malignant Records TUMOR17CD) (07/2002).

"WIT WISTS FRA-QISTJAN" on "FEAR DROP No. 9 (lagrima de miedo LAGR009) " Compilation CD with Fear Drop 9 magazine (07/2002).

"KHAN-ARACHNID" on "INFERNAL PROTEUS" (AJNA Offensive) 96 p. Book with 4 CDs about plants (09/2002).

"ATER" on "PAINTED BLACK" CD-Compilation (Tumult Records, TM black), Compilation with "Paint it Black" - Coverversions (12/2002).
SYMBIOSIS mCD (Transgredient Records TR-02) First 200 copies in 3D handmade pyramid-Cover. (12/2002).


TJUKURRPA (PART ONE: HARMONIES) , third full-length CD, first pressing of 500 copies comes in a full-colour circle-cover. First part of the "tjukurrpa-trilogy". (Transgredient Records TR-01a) (01/2001)
KAPOTTE MUZIEK BY.. 7" (Korm Plastics KP9101) (11/2001) . Uses only sounds from a Kapotte Muziek - concert in Brugge. Edition of 300 copies.
"GANYMED" on "AUTOMATION" do-LP (Laub Records) (11/2001)

TJUKURRPA (PART TWO: DRONES) , fourth full-length CD, first pressing of 1000 copies comes in a full-colour circle-cover. Second part of the "tjukurrpa-trilogy". (Transgredient Records TR-01b) (11/2001)


FRAMAPEIS / VAR , 12" (45rpm) , heavy vinyl, first ed. 200 copies, sec.ed. 100 copies, with coverartwork made by Robert Schalinski (Column One) (MOLOKO+ plus 035) (02/2000)
"LUMEN" on "A BELL IS JUST A BOWL TILL IT'S STRUCK " CD-R Compilation (Beta lactam Ring Records, mycophilic toxin006, (06/2000), in art-covers (wood, metal, cloth, paper), lim & numbered edition of 100 copies

" RIGOR VITREUS" on "AUDIO ODDITIONS # 2" CD-Compilation (Influx Communications) (09/2000).
MORT AUX VACHES: SEN , second full-length CD (Staalplaat, recorded live in the VPRO-studios in Amsterdam 12/12/1999 (09/2000), lim. 600 copies

" NAVIS" on "TEN YEARS OF MADNESS. BEHIND THE IRON CURTAIN" do-CD (Achtung Baby / Indiestate). lim. ed. 1000 copies in cardboard-folder (09/2000)
" UNTITLED LOOP", a lock-groove on "lockERS" LP (ERS) (10/2000)
" THUMUS " on "CLING FILM COMPILATION" CD-R (no catalogue-number), a festival-only CD-R issued for the first 200 reservations at the "evening of experimental music" in Gent, Belgium, 16.12.2000, containing only non-exclusive tracks from Cling Film-bands (12/2000). lim. 200


"untitled 15 min. extract" on "11th FESTIVAL FOR INDEPENDENT MUSIC & ARTS, Sint-Niklaas 31.10.1998, VIDEO C-180, EE Tapes ET 62 (Belgium). Lim. ed. 100 copies (04/99)
"LUAID" on "PARAPHILIA WORSHIP" CD-R Compilation (MANTEINANCE 004), lim. ed. 150 (05/99)
"EXIC" (remixed by TROUM) on "VORELY RELAY" CD, remixes of ULTRA MILKMAIDS-tracks (Noctovision NCVCD-07) (05/99)
"BRINNAN" on "LAGRIMAS DIE MIEDO" CD Compilation (LAGR006), free with Fear Drop No.6 magazine, (06/99) edition of 1000




"STREDAN" on "AMBIENT INTIMACY" CD-R-compilation, EE Tapes ET50 (Belgium), (01/98), limited to 169 copies (two editions)

DAUR, 10", on Cohort Records (USA) (06/98), lim. ed. 300 copies in blue vinyl and with handmade covers, 24 copies in special plastic-lattice-alu-cover, the others in a cork-alu cover. All on blue vinyl.

"KRÊT" on "CIRCLES OF INFINITY" Do-MC , Myotis Records MYO.002 (Belgium), (07/98). Limited edition of 150 copies.
RYNA, first CD, first ed. 500 copies in large cover, Myotis Records MYO.003 (Belgium) (10/98)
DREAMING MUZAK C-60, Cling Film – Records 7 (Belgium) , lim. ed. 100 copies, in a handmade pillow-cover (10/98)

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